Welcome to the website of:
The North American Imperial Bagua Quan Association

Come learn Bagua Zhang from Master Zou Zenghua

Master Zou Comes from a lineage of great Bagua Zhang Masters and has finally begun to openly teach.  He is Accepting students and is teaching in Fremont and San Jose within the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

Taught in the system of Bagua that comes from Gong BaoTian, Master Zou wishes to share this art to another generation of practitioners who want to acquire true Kung fu with none other than true hard work and dedication. The road is challenging but the benefits acquired from practice and hard work, otherwise known as kung fu,  will last you a life time

He welcomes all friends who love the Traditional Chinese Martial Arts to come study and practice.

If you read Chinese we have another website written purely in Chinese at: www.baguamaster.org

To learn more about  the "Imperial Bagua Quan" system click here.

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