The System of Imperial style Bagua Quan and Benefits

This system of Bagua Quan comes from the famous Bagua Quan practitioner Gong Baotian who like his teachers before him worked as personal body guards to the Emporer during the Qing dynasty.  His training was taught to him within the Imperial Palace, hence the name "Imperial Bagua Quan". Although it was taught to him by Yin Fu this system has many different aspects to it and to the untrained eye looks quite different, there are several theories as to why it is different to its cousin Yin style, as it is said that Gong Baotian also recieved training from Yin Fu's teacher, the creator of "Bagua Quan", Dong Haichuan.  Regardless it is a proven and effective martial art which can be acquired through dedicated practice and training.

This particular system of Bagua is complete and contains several different aspects to cultivate the body of the practitioner.  Here are some aspects which are contained in the art: 

  • Zou Zhang (walk palm)
  • Zhuan Zhang (circle palm)
  • Bian Zhang (variable palm)
  • Lian Huan Zhang (serial palm)
  • 64 Palms
  • Close combat skills, Chuan Zhang, Pan Shou
  • Weapons: Broad sword, Long Sword, Stick, Spear, Yue
  • Rou Shen Gong (Knead Body Gong) 
  • Etc…
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The practice of Imperial Bagua Quan is martially oriented and is truly for self defense.  It focus's on creating what is known as the "Bagua Body" to allow a practitioner whole body connection while being extremely mobile in order to defeat their opponents.  In the midst of changing with your opponents movements and attacks, defense becomes offense and offense is also defense.

In this system the Martial aspect comes first and the health aspect is a result of continuous and correct training. The further benefits of this type of training is the cultivation of good health as well as cardiovascular health , focus, awareness, tendon strength, flexibility, joint mobility and more. 

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