Master Zou Zenghua

Master Zou Zenghua comes from a very long line of great teachers.  He started his training in Traditional Chinese Martial arts at a very young age through his uncle and teacher, Peng Xinyuan, and in his teens he started learning Bagua from both Peng Xinyuan and Wu Liangfa.  By introduction from his uncle he was able to learn Bagua from the Wang family, Grandmaster Wang Zhuangfei and his son and successor Wang Hanzhi, their skills are highly regarded among the Bagua and Martial Art Community all around the world.

Master Zou is considered a 5th generation descendant within this lineage of Bagua which stems all the way to its creator Dong Haichuan. 

The Lineage:
                                                                                                     Wang Hanzhi
Dong Hai Chuan - Yin Fu - Gong Baotian - Wang Zhuangfei  <                          >     Zou Zenghua
                                                                                                     Peng Xinyuan

This is the first time that Master Zou has taught publicly and at the age of 60 he realized that many great practitioners of this line have now passed on.  In order to preserve and promote this wonderful and effective martial art he has decided to promote it here in the San Francisco Bay Area to pass down to another generation. 
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