Childrens Bagua Zhang Training Class     少兒八卦掌 訓 練 班

真 正 用 純 正 的 方 法 傳 授 中 華 武 術. 讓 喜 歡 中 國 傳 統 武 術 的 孩 童 能 學 到 八 卦 掌 的 精 髓.
傳 授 內 容:
1. 傳統武術基本功訓練
2. 八卦掌基礎功法訓練
3. 八卦掌套路, 器械
4. 八卦掌防身技術訓練

Master Zou Zenghua use's real traditional methods to teach Chinese Wushu. Children who like Chinese Martial Arts can learn the essence of Bagua Zhang.

Training Martial Arts can benefit children in many ways beyond the ability to fight and defend themselves, training can provide them with skills such as the ability to focus on tasks, self confidence, good character, respect, good health, problem solving, coordination, ability to use mind and body, and much much more. All of these things can provide a good foundation for them and lead a child to a more successful future as they grow into adults. 

Remember "It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men," Frederick Douglass

Training Program:
1. Traditional Wushu fundamental skills training
2. Bagua Zhang basic Gong Fu training
3. Bagua Zhang forms, weapons
4. Bagua Zhang self defense techniques training

Class Schedule 45 Minutes Lesson, Small Class Size (Minimum age of 6 and up as a child needs to have a "reasonable" amount of focus to be taught traditional Chinese Martial Arts.)


Bagua Zhang Class for Female Self Defense

八卦掌仍一門高深的武學. 里面蘊藏著大量以柔克剛的精巧技朮方法. 經過一段時間的入門訓練, 就是柔弱女子也能掌握抗暴防身的有功技能.

八卦掌技朮: 步法, 身法, 手法
綜合應用: 踢,打,摔,拿, 各種技術精華

Bagua Zhang Kung Fu is a profound Internal Martial Art. Bagua Zhang's trademark is the use of evasive footwork and the practitioners ability to defend themselves against multiple attackers. After a period of dedicated training, even a person with a smaller frame can apply the techniques to defend themselves against a bigger stronger opponents. In this martial art size does not matter and there are several techniques and skills which can be used and developed to defend yourself. These classes will be specific to Female self defense so come and join, you will learn how to defend yourself and burn calories while doing it. Remember the confidence to defend yourself and your family is priceless. 

The Training Program consists of:
Bagua Zhang skills: stepping and footwork, body, palm techniques
Application: kicking, striking, wrestling/grappling, controlling

Since training emphasizes two or more persons fighting, we suggest signing up with a partner.
Small class size. Space is limited.

Please email for class times:

Regular Classes

Zou Zenghua Bagua Training System

The class teaches  Bagua Zhang, a traditional Chinese martial art.  Bagua's  specialty is hidden attacks while walking and turning, with sudden changes and agile movement.  It enables a smaller  person to overcome bigger and stronger opponents.  This is especially applicable for women, as Baguazhang is a very effective martial arts that does not rely primarily on strength. 

With training, practitioners can attain better health, a fitter body, greater agility, and faster reflexes.  Your temperament and emotions will feel more balanced , your energy will be more grounded,  your mind will be more at peace, and your perspective  will be broadened.

All those with an appreciation and interest in Chinese Kung-Fu  are welcome to sign up .

We have two locations.

Union City Location:

Time: Every Sunday 9:00am - 11:00am

Place: Alverado Park, 3871 Smith St, Union City, Ca. 94587

San Jose (near Cupertino) Location:

Time: TBA

Place: 1009 S. De Anza Blvd. San Jose Ca. 95129

Private and Group classes available please email for more information:

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